Stock Number: EQU003306
Make: Capacity
Model: TJ 6500
Year: 2009

Stock Number: 1-16-600245
Make: Smartlift
Model: SL 780 Outdoor Giant
Year: 2017

Stock Number: EQU003886
Make: Hitachi
Model: ZX85USB-3
Year: 2013

Stock Number: 2-18-UEF95
Make: Misc
Model: FORKS

Stock Number: 301410
Make: Capacity
Model: TJ7000
Year: 2005

Stock Number: EQU006743
Make: Hyundai
Model: 25D-9
Year: 2016

Stock Number: 263083
Make: Jungheinrich
Model: EFG 425K
Year: 2006

Stock Number: ATT394
Make: Misc
Model: 60" Class III Pallet Forks

Stock Number: EQU005198
Make: Genie
Model: GTH1056
Year: 2011

Stock Number: 2-18-UEATT-77
Make: Misc

Stock Number: 2-18-UEF27
Make: Misc
Model: FORKS

Stock Number: 208158
Make: Manitou
Model: MRT2150
Year: 2014

Genie Man Lifts

Genie Man Lifts

The rough terrain and electric scissor lifts made by Genies have lead the business in efficiency on the work site and maximizing production. Genie models have been engineered to fit through a standard doorway, able to operate and move in very tight areas. Non-marking, durable tires are always standard. They are always updated with innovative and new options and features to help you and your business be a lot more effective.

When it comes to all tasks, small or big, Genie's rough terrain scissor lifts move smoothly and efficiently due to its exceptional traction, gradeability, and speed. When platform workspace is needed Genie machines are perfect. They can operate in confined spaces allowing for more staff, more work space, and more space for larger loads.

Updated, new features on the Genie slab scissor lifts have helped enhance not only the performance but also the serviceability and reliability of these equipment. Able to work inside and outdoors, Genie's self-propelled electric scissor lifts are ideal for applications on level, solid surfaces. These units create less noise than numerous other machines and allow for large platform workspace and have generous capacity. These kinds of lifts are great for tasks ranging from construction to installation to maintenance jobs.

Genie units have been equipped with easily accessed diagnostics on-board to help workers solve issues on the go. Operators could troubleshoot and make adjustments with minimal equipment downtime. For easier access to the engine and servicing, units are equipped with swing-out battery boxes and power module trays.

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